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ICC Arbitration Today: Arbitrator Independence

Under the auspices of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, France 26 February 2010 will take place the conference “ICC Arbitration Today: Arbitrator Independence” with an ICC Mock Court Session.

Arbitrator independence is an essential and significant requirement in arbitration which raises special issues due to the very nature of a procedure in which party autonomy is of the utmost importance. This conference aims to explore views and opinions on the requirements of arbitrator independence from the perspectives of a party, a party's counsel and an arbitrator. Judicial decisions on arbitrator independence will also be examined. The highlights of the day will include former Secretary Generals of the ICC International Court of Arbitration coming together to discuss the history and development of the ICC Rules and practice with respect to the requirement that all arbitrators in ICC arbitrations be independent. Furthermore, the conference will feature a Mock ICC Court Plenary Session. At this forum, the participants will engage in stimulating interactive dialogue focusing on how the ICC Court deals with various challenges.

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