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The International Arbitration Blog covers the notable legal cases, trends and personalities in international arbitration and seeks to facilitate the development of Alternative Disputes Resolution practice.

This blog is designed to provide a forum for the discussion of current laws and developing practice of ADR.  It highlights also new court decisions, new laws that impact the development of arbitration in Ukraine and Europe.

Readers may use this blog to keep current on trends in arbitration practice and readers may also watch developments in specific areas of the law by using the categorical tags to review all recent posting relating to a particular topic.  All views and opinions are welcome in the form of comments to individual postings.  Check back periodically to see whether others have posted comments to cases of interest to you and and/or your clients.

Students of law may use this blog to stimulate classroom discussion on new developments in the arbitration, as well as to generate ideas for paper topics and course works. Students are welcome to contribute to the comments on the postings including providing perspectives and observations based upon other related cases you may be reading in your coursework.


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міжнародний арбітраж

beyn?lxalq arbitraj

arbitrimin nd?rkomb?tar

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internasionale arbitrasie

nazioarteko arbitrajea

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международен арбитраж

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