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Enforcement of Arbitration Awards in Russia and Ukraine: Dream or Reality?

Recently we have reached one interesting publication “Enforcement of Arbitration Awards in Russia and Ukraine: Dream or Reality?”, prepared under the auspices of the American Bar Association, Section of International Law and the Center for Continuing Legal Education.

Though I do not completely agree with certain opinions of the authors (in some cases they sound too critically, I think) I recommend to read that material. Not only because some of the authors are my colleagues and acquaintances. The publication is full of practical situations illustrated by cases.

Moreover, there are extracts of the Ukrainian laws related to arbitration, that were selected and translated by the authors. You may download the publication here.

We would appreciate if you share your thoughts after you read materials which you treat useful. Are you of the opinion that Ukraine and Russia are taking a trend to enforce arbitral decisions?

Posted by Konstantin Pilkov, MCIArb

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