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Kiev Arbitration Days 2012 – 15 to 16 November

Kiev Arbitration Days will take place in Kiev, Ukraine, on 15 and 16 November 2012 under the auspices of the Ukrainian Bar Association.

Topics that will be covered by expert speakers from Ukraine and abroad will include:

  • Law applicable to arbitrability and conflict of law rules: how to opt for the right one?
  • Lex arbitri/the chosen law of the contract v. mandatory rules of the law of a third country.
  • Comparative analysis of arbitrability of corporate disputes in CIS, and Western European States.
  • Sovereign immunity: Impact of agreed arbitration on immunity. How to get hold of state property for enforcement. Development of the immunity doctrine in practical examples.
  • Efficiency and enforceability of arbitral interim measure: Courts v. arbitral tribunals.
  • Emergency Arbitrator: useful and effective?
  • Interim measures in aid of arbitration: The overview of options, opportunities and mechanism in the USA.
  • Arbitrator and counsel: Sitting on two chairs?
  • Disqualification of arbitrators: Legitimate concern, guerilla tactics or a new kind of “sports”? Review of recent practice of the ICC Court.
  • Precedent in arbitration: consistency or mayhem?
  • Disqualification of experts in arbitration: ethical & liability issues.
  • Effective Settlement Negotiations — and when to end them.
  • Practical issues: securing witnesses, documents and other evidence.
  • Treaty, contract, or both — which way to go?
  • ICSID vs. non-ICSID.
  • How to pitch your claims, how much to reveal (or not).
  • Choosing an arbitrator.
  • Document Production and other disclosure issues.
  • To bifurcate or not to bifurcate.
  • Setting the stage on procedural details at the outset.
  • General aspects of cross-examination.
  • Factual witnesses — The (supposed) beauty.
  • Expert witnesses — ...and the (potential) beast.
  • Practical situations in cross-examination.
  • Coordinating parallel commercial and treaty arbitrations.
  • Treaty Arbitration and National Courts — Friends or Foes.
  • Non-enforcement of Commercial Awards as Treaty Breaches?

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Kiev Arbitration Days 2012

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