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Sixth Annual Leading Arbitrators’ Symposium on the Conduct of International Arbitration

The conference is held by Juris Conferences LLC with the support of the International Arbitral Centre of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Young Austrian Arbitration Practitioners, the International Law Institute, Singapore International Arbitration Centre, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre. It will take place in Vienna, Austria 29 March 2010.

This will be an opportunity for arbitrators and arbitration counsel to hear the World's leading international arbitrators discuss in very practical terms how they approach each stage of an international arbitration.  The first three sessions will each address one stage of the arbitral process: pre-hearing activities, the hearing itself, and the process of getting from the hearing to a final award.  The final session will involve a review of current "hot topics" and trends in international arbitration from around the World.

Each panel will comprise a discussion leader plus four other eminent arbitrators.  The speakers have been selected on the basis of two criteria.  First, they truly represent some of the World's most highly-respected and experienced international arbitrators.  Second, each panel will comprise a broad range of nationalities, with at least three continents represented in each session, and a mixture of common-law and civil-law backgrounds.

Registrants will have an opportunity to present questions and contributions from the floor, and will be invited to submit specific questions and topics for consideration in advance of the symposium.

The Leading Arbitrators' Symposium will be invaluable for arbitrators and would-be arbitrators seeking to learn how the leaders in the field go about the business of arbitrating, and equally invaluable for arbitration counsel wishing to gain insights into how most effectively to present their cases to the world's leading international arbitrators.

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