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Evidence and Proof in International Commercial Arbitration

Докази в арбітражіПсихология доказыванияNew books for arbitration practitioners, 'Evidence and Proof in International Commercial Arbitration : Scientific and Practical Guide' (in Russian - Download link) and 'Theory and Practice of Proof in International Commercial Arbitration: Monograph' (in Ukrainian - Download link) have been recently published by Konstantin Pilkov PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of International Private Law of Kyiv National Trade and Economics University, partner of Cai & Lenard, arbitrator of the ICAC at the UCCI.

The author presents the latest developments in the law of evidence in arbitration as well as best practices.

The books offer an integrated approach to evidence which includes comprehensive doctrinal analysis. Practical recommendation given in the books are meant to facilitate arbitration proceedings that are fair, accurate, and efficient.
Several chapters of each book are currently available on Cai & Lenard website.

Complete downloadable versions will be available after arbitration conferences in November.