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The Fulbright 2012 International Arbitration Report, Issue 2 is available

Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. issued 2012 International Arbitration Report, Issue 2.

Topics in this issue include:

  • How to Optimize Your Expert Evidence
  • The Law Governing the Arbitration Agreement
  • Damages for Breach of an Agreement to Arbitrate
  • Section 1782 Held Applicable to Private Arbitrations

The International Arbitration Report is available for download here.


Securities industry arbitration: diametrically opposite approaches

Securities industry arbitration is rather young ADR instrument in Ukraine. Though the security industry is one of the spheres that particularly needs its own mechanism of resolution of specific disputes, arbitration in this market is still at the beginning of its development process. Apart from arbitration courts established by several banking associations there are specialized securities market arbitration courts created by self-regulatory organizations and business associations. Since there are no unified practice or resolving particular legal problems, participation of the specialist from the industry as arbitrators is usually highly recommended. The main reason of the involvement of industry arbitrators is that they know the rules and customs of the industry.

 new york stock exchange Securities industry arbitration: diametrically opposite approaches


International Dispute Resolution: Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries

On 23 November 2010 Ukrainian Bar Association organizes 1st Ukrainian International Conference "International Dispute Resolution: Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries"

 The conference provides a unique opportunity for dispute resolution lawyers and in-house counsels from Western countries and CIS to discuss practical issues of cross-border litigation and international arbitration. The conference will also address differences in various jurisdictions and how to deal with exchange of experience.


13th Annual IBA International Arbitration conference

4 - 5 March 2010 Arbitration Committee of the International Bar Association presents the 13th Annual IBA International Arbitration conference. The event is supported by the IBA European Regional Forum. It will take place in Lancaster London Hotel, London, England.

  • The main topics of the conference include:
    essential and non-essential elements of the agreement;
  • pathological clauses;
  • states’ consent to arbitration;
  • non signatories’ consent to arbitration and joiners;
  • legislatures and courts’ interference with the parties’ agreement to arbitrate.

The event is recommended to be attended by arbitrators, litigators, judges, government officials and all those involved in dispute resolution. For more information and to participate please see:

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Bahrain launches alternative dispute resolution chamber

The Kingdom of Bahrain today formally launched the Bahrain Chamber of Dispute Resolution and, in the process, became the first country in the world to establish an arbitration “free zone” and introduce the concept of statutory arbitration.

The Chamber, an initiative of Bahrain’s Ministry of Justice and delivered in partnership with the American Arbitration Association, the world’s leading provider of conflict management and dispute resolution services, will be known formally as the BCDR-AAA.


Google Loses Domain Name Dispute

-Internet giant Google loses domain name trademark arbitration. Small and 'groovy' Canadian start-up claims victory.

Internet giant Google has lost an arbitration over the domain name, In a decision released today, The National Arbitration Forum, dismissed Google's complaint (Claim Number: FA0911001293500) that it was entitled to the domain name, Google had claimed that the domain name, is "confusingly similar" to its trademark for "Google." The National Arbitration Forum is an international arbitration service accredited by ICANN, the international agency that oversees the Internet, to provide resolution services for domain name disputes around the world.