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Energy Charter Treaty Arbitration against Ukrainian Government


Eastern Europe-focused junior energy firm JKX Oil & Gas announced Monday that it has launched arbitration proceedings against the Ukrainian government under the Energy Charter Treaty – a bilateral investment treaty between the UK and Ukraine. JKX is looking to recover more than $180 million in rental fees that its Ukrainian subsidiary has paid on production of oil and gas in Ukraine since 2011. JKX said it is seeking compensation for "losses it has suffered from Ukraine's treaty violations", including "Ukraine's failure to treat JKX's investments in a 'fair and equitable' manner and failing to comply with commitments made by Ukraine in respect of JKX's investments."


Ukraine is awaiting the ruling of the Stockholm arbitration court in the gas dispute

Ukraine is awaiting the ruling of the Stockholm arbitration court concerning the temporary gas price in the gas dispute with Russia to appear late in November 2014, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has said.

Ukrainian state-run energy firm Naftogaz and Russian state-controlled gas firm Gazprom have both lodged cases with the Stockholm arbitration tribunal to review their gas transit contracts. All debt payments, on which Russia has been insisting, will be made only after a verdict from the International Court of Arbitration in Stockholm - (Reuters).


Ukraine – arbitration-friendly jurisdiction. Stockholm

Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

There are not many cases in public domain which may help us to determine all significant issues of recognition and enforcement of the awards of this world-renowned arbitration institution.

In case No. 22/200 the economic court of Donetsk Region adopted decision on 13.01.2010 on termination of the consideration of case since the parties agreed to arbitrate in “Arbitration Court of Stockholm” (not the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC)). Thus, you may think that Ukrainian courts are liberal in their attitude to such details as the name of an arbitration institution.

stockholm Ukraine   arbitration friendly jurisdiction. Stockholm