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Costs of International Arbitration

“We invite all legal representatives, in-house counsel and arbitral tribunal members

to contribute to this major survey into costs in international arbitration. The survey

report and conference will provide an invaluable contribution to the debate on costs,

helping to generate proposals to restore speed and cost-effectiveness to the arbitration process.

This is essential if international arbitration is to maintain its position

as the commercial dispute resolution method of choice."

 “To make the survey effective, we need corporate counsel, party representatives, arbitrators and tribunal members to give us as much data as possible on arbitrations in which they have been involved.”

Doug Jones SC FCIArb, Vice President of CIArb


The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) has launched a major survey into the costs of international arbitration. The ‘Costs of Arbitration’ survey gathers data to inform parties, legal representatives and arbitrators about the overall costs of international commercial arbitration and how these are incurred at each stage.

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CIArb Costs of International Arbitration Survey. Participate and obtain the results of the Survey!

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators commenced collection of information on the costs of international commercial arbitration proceedings. The aim is to gather data which will inform parties, legal representatives, and arbitrators about the overall costs of international commercial arbitration. The survey is also gathering data about how those costs are made up, the allocation of costs by arbitrators and the extent to which these may depend upon the nature of the dispute, the seat of arbitration, the amount in dispute, the composition of the arbitral tribunal and the costs incurred prior to, and during, the arbitration.

 The findings will be analyzed and disseminated through a report and a conference, organized by CIArb, which will take place on 27 – 28 September 2011 in London, England.